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    I was running my Pre with Harrier II for the past several months, with good performance and no issues. In the past several weeks, I started experiencing slow downs and freezes. My camera app wouldn't open or it would open to a black screen and had to be closed and reopened.

    Per another member, I deleted all of my patches, and restored my device to stock. I then reloaded a handful of patches and switched back to running UK. It helped briefly, but now I am having much more frequent lags and freezes, even at 1GHZ fixed. tonight I tried to open Govnah to check my settings and froze, then the screen bled green and red in the middle and then rebooted.

    Can anyone tell me what happened? How do I backup my phone log and texts if I have to doctor?
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    What version of webOS are you running? It is automatically done on 2.1. Follow Lao's post and you should be fine if you are running 1.4.5 on this page:

    Basically you need to to copy your .db data on 1.4.5. If this helps you, clicking the thank you button at the lower right would be appreciated.
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    I don't know about call logs, but there's a homebrew app called "Save/Restore" that can backup SMS. Unfortunately, I don't think restore works for SMS.
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    copying the palmdatabase.db file is the only option you have on version prior to 2.x

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