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    I am an avid Engadget fan. As many of you know Josh and a couple other of the Engadget writers left and have started their own tech blog. It's called "This is my Next" and can be found at

    My question is this. I see that they are doing Podcasts on their new site but can't figure out how to listen to them on my Pre. I see support for iTunes and the Zune. Does anyone know if there is a way to add their podcast to my Dr. Podder app?


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    Found it....

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    Paste this into drPodder:

    This is my next Podcast

    oops, a little slow tonight!
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    Reported about this on 4/14 in the DrPodder thread.
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    Thanks for the link . . Cant get enough of Josh and his crew . . They're freakin hilarious and they're podcast help get me through my workday alot easier
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    oh yes that was my 1st post here . . I love my palm pre and webos and will be posting here more

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