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    I tried the combination and it slowed my phone down completely. It was unusable. I followed the instructions posted by rwhitby with the exception of the patch. I installed the version of the patch available in Preware for Legacy devices. Did you use that version or the download from the post? I am curious about other users with this combo's experience. How is it working or not working for you? Are you running a kernel and Govnah? If so, which one?
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    no one with any feedback
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    My Verizon Pre Plus with 2.1.0 and Flash burns through batteries faster, but isn't really sluggish... unless you don't OC it. 800mghz minimum.

    2.1.0 is great, except a few minor annoyances. Auto correct is less than perfect and takes a bit of working with. Some of the patches I used aren't updated yet, etc
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    Thanks. I am overclocked. Running fixed speed 1GHZ or screenstate 600/1000. My device slows down whenever the enable flash option is turned on. If I turn it off the phone is very snappy and extremely responsive. I have removed it from my phone.

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