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    HELP! my palm pre won't go past the battery icon. It seems to be a problem with my phones interaction with the battery from what i can tell.

    Was using my phone as of last night, suddenly died *it was probably close to anyways but it usually gives me more of a warning"

    Once i plugged it in, it went to the Battery icon as it always does, but this time it never went to the 'Palm' Loading screen. had it just blinks off after a couple of minutes and then comes back up with the same Battery charging icon. Been doing it for hours

    Tried charging it from the TS, didnt work, then from the wall adapter, didnt work.

    My brother has a Pixi, so i switched batteries with him, it came on just fine but said "OFFLINE", and my battery charged in his Pixi, but his came up with service.

    I've read forums on how to fix the offline bug, but i just cant get it to charge. Anyone have anything?
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    I have no idea what that means. Can you clarify?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Accorco View Post
    You'll need to post more than this if you want help...

    If you ran your battery out completely it will take 5-10 minutes of charging before you can turn it back on.
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    sorry, i hit enter on accidently when posting it. I Fixed the info
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    Does the edit make more since? I accidently posted it too early
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    Yes, that makes better sense.

    Not sure i can help... Was your battery not lasting a very long time before this? it's possible it just crapped out completely... new batteries are pretty cheap on amazon.
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    I've noticed a shortening of life compared to when i first got it, but nothing major. It usually gives me at least 20 minutes if, not an hour or more of battery life after it says "Low Battery - charge immediately" or w/e i actually says. Not the 20% / 10% warnings
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    Try taking the battery out, and leaving it out for a few minutes. I had this happen to me in San Franciso at a hotel we thought was haunted, later we found out someone had jumped from the roof night club.. Anyway phone freaked the whole stay, but finally I fixed by pulling the battery and leaving it pulled.

    In the long run, when my battery went, it went fast, not a slow downhill but straight. I bought other $3 on Amazon and it has been great.

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