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    Does anyone know what the browser is on a pre- ?
    Xfinity says my browser whon't work!
    Also any update on Adobe Flash?
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    what version of webOS are you running? if you arent running 2.1, no go on flash

    but lets be honest, even if you are running 2.1 flash is going to be awful just because youre using old hardware.
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    thanks, mine is still original. Haven't been brave enough to attemp something on my only phone. I'm taking it slow hoping for a 3. I have preware, uber, and govna, so far
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    it took me 5 minutes and zero knowledge of programming to install 2.1 on my Sprint Pre-. Haven't installed flash yet but I've heard its nearly useless on our old, old hardware.
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    I had flash on my pre- and it wasn't bad not great but definatly usable. I have since done a pre+ conversion on my phone. With the added ram flash runs pretty smooth now. But it is definatly usable on a pre- don't be discouraged. And 2.1 runs fine on the pre- as well. IMHO it runs just as or as smooth as 1.4.5, I think it even runs a little smoother if you oc it and get things set-up right. Well just my two cents.
    Sprint Palm Pre+ WebOS 2.1 W/ Flash. OC'D 500/1.1ghz.
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    i agree. if you can be patient and wait for all flash related things to finish loading it is def usable.
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    what is the link to flash? I don't want to accidently add a flashlight lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by bludragn View Post
    what is the link to flash? I don't want to accidently add a flashlight lol
    Adding flash support - WebOS Internals

    As always read twice before attempting it.
    "just like your rims still spin even after your car stops/ then where will you spend eternity after your heart stops huh?"
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    thanks so much, but I think I'm gonna hold out for the 3, this phone has been very good to me and I don't need it to screw up now. Just installed ACAL, and ACSP. Gonna wait and see how it holds up after modifying a few new toys. Thanks again

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