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    I've got a sprint franken pre plus running webOS 2.1. I also have UberKernel installed running at the PalmDefault. I've noticed that periodically a single app (woodenigma) won't start for me. If I restart luna, it starts working again. But then eventually it stops working. I can tap the app, and the little highlight shows up. But eventually the highlight just disappears w/o the app starting.

    Has anyone else seen this?
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    I haven't used it much on 2.1, but it always works for me.

    What does LumberJack say? that would be the way to find out what is going on.
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    Oh yeah. Forgot about lumberjack. I just installed it. I'll let you know what it says when this happens again.
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    Lumberjack has reported nothing on woodenigma even as I run it while woodenigma is failing to start.

    Turns out I can replicate this problem if I just kill the game while I'm in a puzzle rather than in the puzzle selection area. This seems like a bug in the game. I don't remember this happening in 1.4.5. Does anyone else that's got woodenigma running on 1.4.5 see this problem? Does anyone else running 2.1 see this problem w/woodenigma?
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    I have Woodenigma 1.1.5 with Palm 2 Webos 2.1.0 and have just run into the same problem. Exiting this game I have found to be difficult and most likely didn't exit gracefully the last time I played Woodenigma. Now I tap the icon and it lights up but doesn't launch the app, then the lighting dies down to normal.

    What is luna that you are mentioning? I still haven't been able to get Woodenigma to work yet.

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