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    Is it possible to change the cluster size? Default size is 32KB, I'd like set lower value, 16KB or even less. The reason why I want to do this is simple - Palm has many small files, so there is possibility to recover some more free space from sectors containing these files. I know that it may reduce performance (more r/w operations) but if it can be done without data loss - I think I could try.
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    on the usb partition it is just a FAT-32 partition, so you should be able to use your windows PC to format/change settings.
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    I thought rather about the whole memory, including system files, but maybe you are right, I should try first only with the USB partition to see if it's worth.
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    WOW. Pretty brave to want to change the cluster size to save a little bit of space. And reformatting your USB might cause problems. I would expect to have to doctor after doing that.
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    I allready changed cluster size to 4KB, nothing bad happened. Probably I made one mistake - I shouldn't disconnect the phone after formatting. I wanted to see if phone is working properly, but when I safely removed my Palm, it detected that some applications are missing and downloaded them again. I think that if I put the files back to USB partition immediately after formatting, nothing like that would happened. Anyway, I didn't lose any data, all I needed to do was set wallpaper and ringtones again.

    Before that operation I had 984MB of files, which occupied 2,76GB of space (mostly maps - many small files). Now it's only 1,1GB.

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