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    The moment I was prepared for finally happened. I grabbed for my phone from my pocket outside my house. It caught the edge of my pocket, flew out of my hand, flew through the air, bounced off my car, and hit the ground. Everything seemed fine, and for the most part was, until I noticed a smashed in chip along the right side of the device, on the top half, near the slider edge. So, I bought some epoxy, put on, and filled the chip.

    A day or so later, I'm at the supermarket with my kids and some quick cart and kid juggling sends my phone sailing again (what is it that, once you drop it hard once, you start dropping it all the time?). This time, it hit so hard on its face, that it shut off and I had to re-seat the battery to get it going again. The next day, I realized I had that tell-tale hairline crack from the center of the usb port, up onto the curve heading towards the screen.

    So.... I took a heated eyeglass screw driver and drilled two holes in the crack, which I filled with epoxy. For those who don't know, drilling out a crack serves the dual purpose of stopping the progression of the crack, and providing space for epoxy to fill the crack.

    I need some finer wet/dry sand paper, and some simichrome (chrome polish used for fine metal and plastic repair) to finish the job more attractively, but the problems are taken care of and the repairs are probably stronger than the original plastic.

    Since I have taken to carrying my phone in my pocket exclusively, I've invested in an AGF GRT hard slider case which apparently beats out the Otter Box for performance and protection. I debated the wisdom of investing more in a dead (to Sprint) platform, but I don't really want to deal with a replacement Pre that might not perform as well, or spend $200 on an upgrade to a new phone (EVO? EVO 3D? Nexus S?), especially since I much prefer WebOS. And, for $9.99 on eBay, it was cheaper to buy the case than on their website.

    Anyone walking around with chips or cracks (that have NOT reached the screen), if you want pointers on how to epoxy and clean up the look of things, it's easy and I'm happy to help.

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