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    I ran UK for a while, experimenting with some different configs, from 250/1GHz screenstate, to fixed 1GHz, to 250/1Ghz CPU Scaling (still like this one). But, after a few months, I found my device running very sluggishly, even at fixed 1GHZ. I rebooted several times a day, kept several gb clear, and still ran to a freeze. About that time, someone recommended UnixPsycho's Harrier II. So far, so good, it's run well for months, but I am starting to get that occasional slow down.

    I understand that UK has been updated a lot. Can anyone tell me what benefits I might see in terms of performance over Harrier II?

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    This question is probably better directed in the webos internals forum:
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    I used the Harrier II kernel for about a month and noticed my battery life went down considerably. To the point where I think I might actually need to get a new battery. Now, it's most likely the fact that I'm running webOS 2.1 -AND- overclocking to 1.2Ghz, but I really think my battery is dying way too fast. Actually there are sometimes when it won't charge, or doesn't seem to.

    But anyways, it's super fast. But after 1Ghz I really didn't notice a speed difference. If I were you, I would not scale from 250-1Ghz, I'd do 500Ghz-1Ghz, as apparently it does cause some problems. But try it out for a few days and see if you like it.
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    When I got tired of slowdowns and just went for fixed 1GHz on UK, I saw improved speed and ate battery (as expected), but not too badly when I shut off data when not in use. But, ultimately I started getting freezeups. Harrier gave me speed without the freezeups.

    Thought I would try UK again though, since it's been updated.

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