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    My pre's USB door cover just fell off
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    LOL.. no big deal.. everyone's falls off at some point. Mine lasted until about 4 months ago and I actually liked it better without it. So much nicer not fumbling around with that dang thing.
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    I wish mine would fall out.

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    lol i feel you...mine pre cracked bye the usb,the usb also fell off, my power button fell out and my pre no longer slides open all the way. I have a launch day pre. If pre3 isnt here very very soon I will have to get something else.
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    mine is still attached lol from august 09 !! lol
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    I missed mine for about three hours, then I was happy it was gone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by va2azerik View Post
    My pre's USB door cover just fell off
    Hmm, the Pre 2 runs just fine, and it doesn't even come with a USB door cover.

    Even Palm admitted it was a design mistake and removed the cover. Heck, the Veer doesn't even have a USB port.
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    Still got mine after 16 months - it's kind of annoying though.
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    After a day without it, it is a bit easier without it lol. Now I don't have to slide my Pre open to pull the usb cover out anymore.
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    having to use it in speaker mode all the time - ear-phone is blown...imagine what happens in meetings...have to run to a secluded place all the time!
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    USB door for sale....i'll rip it off for the right price
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    Quote Originally Posted by kataran View Post
    USB door for sale....i'll rip it off for the right price
    I lol'ed for real.
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    Hey abhinandanjain I have a ear peace that works if you wanna buy it i'll sell it to ya for 10 bucks let me know if your interested. Just trying to help ya out. I'd hate to have to use speaker phone all the time.
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    I still have my attached microusb cover from Sprint launch day (06062009). I started using a Pre 2 a month or so ago and I like it better without the cover.
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    mine lasted over a year or so
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    Little metal strip fell off so the flap on my touchstone cover (Pixi+) was just hanging. I just cut it off.
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    Lost mine months ago, didn't think it was that big of a deal, was actually a real pain in the derrierre to open after I cut my nails, so I'm kind of glad it's gone
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    My cover is still there. I also have the touchstone. but my poor pre is slowly dying and getting slow.. pleeease give us sprint users the pre3..

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