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    A couple weeks ago Sprint called me to inform me that I am eligible for an upgrade and wanted to know what windows7 or android phone I would like. I told them that I am holding out for a new webOS 2.0 or greater phone to be released on sprint. They continued to try to sell me an android phone when I informed them that I don't want to have to re-buy all my apps and accessories (I have 3 touchstones, 1 car charger and a handful of paid apps). They thanked me and ended the call.

    I have the 450 min plan with sprint ($69.99/mo), plus get a discount from work. I decided to see what it would cost me to use a webOS device on Verizon and was surprised that it would cost me about double for a comparable plan.

    So here I am with my launch day Pre, it has a crack that extends over half way across the screen and it still works. I really want a new phone and my options are to pay more to continue using webOS on a different network or switch to a different phone on sprint (losing all my apps and having to buy new accessories ie. chargers).

    I am not taking a dive in either direction until my phone stops working. I love my phone/webOS and if the hardware had held up better (along with keeping the OS up to date) I would continue to use my Pre until the day it dies (or until I get a new webOS device).
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    Welcome to my world. I'm just sitting by patiently waiting for the summer release and hope my crack doesn't get worse. I have no interest in Android, WP7 or iPhone. Why buy something you don't really want?

    The Sprint reps really don't care about getting you the phone you want, money talks and everything today is about cash flow. In their mind you buy a phone today and buy another tomorrow. If you get upset and leave hopefully you're mid-contract so they get some quick cash out you for early termination. Someone will sign up and replace you as a customer anyways. It's all big business (or as I think of it... a game).
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    I hear you brother. Going to Verizon cause Sprint is still has tunnel vision with Google isnt going to be an easy decision considering the $$$$. Could always try out the Sprint Pre 2
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    I am in the similar situation. One of the contact to the Touchstone charging back broke, now the only way I can charge is through the USB port. I see micro cracks fanning out from two lower corners. I waiting for my contract to end this August. After that, I will see where Pre 3 lands. I would settle for a Pre 2 if I had to. AT&T would be my choice, because my wife uses it. That way I can get her a Pre also.
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    Odd for 450 min, 500 txt plus unlimited calling and texting to verizon users. Free nights and weekends unlimited data and insurance with 25% corporate discount I pay 75 bucks. I find it hard to believe it was double.
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    you know you can pick up a sprint pre from ebay or craigslist for around $40, right?
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    with ATT it was 120 for all the same stuff not including tax. so verizon would be about 100 or so plus tax
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    I am in the same holding pattern. Frankly the pre 3 isn't what I want either. OS is the best, but the form factor isn't that great.

    Have been looking at android, but to get anything usable, you have to get sucked into custom ROM's, which are buggy.

    Looked at the iphone, but our plan would be $75 bucks a month more, and that's with the new verizon data cap.

    AND the Iphone's text app, doesn't include chat, like the universal messaging in palm.


    this really sucks.
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    +1 on buying an inexpensive Pre to tide you over

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