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    Ok. So in webOS 1.x, I could assign a letter as a speed dial to an indivudal phone number. And in "universal search" I could just type that letter and the speed dial would show up.

    Now there are "favorites". But I can't figure out how to get my favorites up in a "just type". What do I need to do to do speed dial in 2.x from Just Type?
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    Go into contacts, find the contact you want, open it, then swipe down on the top left ... you'll find an option for speed dial. The letters with numbers also correspond to the dial pad.

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    Yeah, the speed dial option from webOS 1.x is still there.

    All the favorites option does is create an in-app speed dial and will list matching favorites first in the Contacts section of Just Type before other matches.

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    Duh! Thanks.
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