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    It has been 2 years since I purchased my Palm Pre and I loved the WebOS but with the failure by HP to include the device in the 2.0 update I am walking away to a Google device. It is sort of sad really I still think th WebOS is the best multitasking system out there but whatever excuses HP has for not including it has not motivated me to go but a new Palm just to accomidate the new OS. I will always have a soft sport in my heart for the WebOS but for now it is bye bye..
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    nobody is perfect
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    why don't you meta-doctor your pre to 2.1.0 like the majority of the community is doing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by srath16 View Post
    why don't you meta-doctor your pre to 2.1.0 like the majority of the community is doing?
    the majority? i doubt
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    so your response to a company that didn't include legacy devices in their new OS version, is to go to a company that regularly stop providing updates, both minor and major version updates, to it's devices.

    i don't fault you for going to android, or any other os. it's your decision and you should use the device you like/want the most. hell, i may be right behind you to be honest. but at least use a reason that's not 100% filled with <silliness>..
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    hopefully the OP will be back to grab a Pre3 once it launches.

    also, you might want to wait until the apparent Veer launch that@is happening in a couple of weeks. The rumor is that at&t will offer it, and its definitely worth a look.

    the few minutes I had with it in feb really impressed me.

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