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    So, I bought a Sprint Pre on eBay for a really good price. Yay, I finally have a real webOS device.

    Anyway, I put my music on it, but when I go to play it, no sound comes out. I've tried using the speaker and a pair of headphones. This also happens if I try to play music using Music Player Remix, and YouTube won't play sound either. If I call the phone, it rings.

    Anyway to fix this?

    I am running webOS 2.1. Also, the volume rocker doesn't appear to work outside of the app. I only used 1.4.5 for a couple of hours, but I believe it worked under 1.4.5. Can't be sure though.
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    @SeB_or_Sam helped me resolve the issue on Twitter.

    So, mods, you can close this if you like.
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    what was the solution?

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