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    This is webOS 1.4.5 Bell Palm Pre
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    Interesting. Something wrong with the screen (cracked or dirty)? Do you have a screen protector on there? I had a screen protector on mine and when the screen started to crack it did weird stuff like that (but not that bad). Had to remove it and all is fine now.
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    nope. It does it on touchstone as well sometimes. This is my wifes Pre. I have doctored a few time still comes back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Third-party charger?
    its either thecharger is third party or your running a kernel at a speed the phone cant handle .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Nothing crazy on the phone at all. It does it sometimes with no charging at all.
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    I have had three phones that did that. First and most important STOP letting it do that. The phone may delete things, create random contacts, send random txts or picture mails, and other weird or random actions. As slow as it is moving it is doing other things you may not see. Two of the times my phones did that was after a very hard drop. The third was after it overheated. Most likely the touchscreen is going bad. You need to backup your phone, use save/ restore, and create a saved package list with Preware, and secure another pre. If you wish to stick with webos. I used this: [url]
    to backup my texts. It has been a while but laoh's write up sounds about right. If this helps a thanks would be nice.
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    my phone also does this. It's crazy!!! any known fix for this issue?
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    It's hardware failure of the screen - needs to go in for repair. call palm.

    search for "pre touching itself"
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    I have had this problem. Once the screen was dirty, another was hardware failure and had to get a replacement. I would advice every one to stop using screen protectors that require excessive pressure to install and trying to get rid of bubbles.
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    beginning to get this myself on my palm pre but not as fast as indicated on the video. Looks like off to repair then. Shame as phone renewal is october and was going to ditch this phone anyway

    Never used any screen protectors and kernel has always been screenstate 1000/500

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