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    Changed jobs and had to get rid of my sprint Pre. Since the new company is a Mac house, I decided to try the Verizon iPhone. Big mistake. People that love that phone must be drinking kool-aid(good H/w, ***** S/w). Sent it back to Verizon (they are making me wait > 2 weeks for a refund). Decided to go with a Pre Plus off of ebay (no contract). Great decision. I love WebOs 1.4.5, and when the Pre 3 comes out, if I want I can go with it for a 2 year contract and probably $200. If I waited the 2 weeks to for Verizon to free up my contract, I would have been locked into a Pre 2 and still paid $150. I was lucky I got a barely used Plus with good keyboard for $85, and I get the free hot spot as well. Eff U verizon...
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    Welcome back! Not sure how long you've been gone, but 2.1 is available on the Pre+ if you're interested. It's mildly buggy, but overall (i think) worth the upgrade.

    WebOS 2 Upgrade - WebOS Internals
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    Wow, dude. I would have totally gone with the Pre2 on VZW. That phone is really solid build, and fast.
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    A pre2 would have made him not eligible to upgrade his contract for the Pre3.
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    I totally agreed about with this statement
    People that love that phone must be drinking kool-aid(good H/w, ***** S/w)
    I have experience with iOS, WebOS, AndroidOS. WebOS is the best of all.
    Now I just waiting for solid Pre 3 & TouchPad.

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