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    I either am looking for a new Palm Pre Plus in great condition or if someone knows how to take a touch screen from one phone and put it in another that would be great. I bought a phone off of ebay (which i said i would never do) and it is in alot worse condition then the phone that broke. Please if you can help let me know i am using my old voyager and im going crazy without my palm!
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    I just did the same exact thing. Switched screens from a broken one to another body. All I can say is you need to be a little handy - it's not too hard and there are many, many resources to guide you - You Tube had a video and of course there's the wiki stuff which shows photos and instructions. One thing I would say is you should which parts you need to take out and which you don't. I ended up removing my keyboard housing and it really wasn't necessary. Good luck write back if you need help.

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    Did you buy from a reputable seller, OP? The big guys on ebay will often offer refunds if the item is not as described.

    I had some good luck with Craig's List a little while back.

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