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    HI.. Im from mexico and just got a palm pre running webOS 1.4.0 with telcel and now i want to install themes, games etc,etc. I download the new quickinstall version several times, i have followed all the instructions to do this but nothing happend Im getting an error named invalid magic key or something like that,in the list of quick install wont appear the patches to install preware this wont even appear in the list.
    what Iam doing wrong?
    do I need a new webOS version?

    hopefully some one can help me with this.
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    Did you just get your phone? Check your updates app and see if there is a system update. The latest for the Palm Pre is 1.4.5
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    Same error happens to me since i have an unlocked UK palm no serial number is valid on the Palm website. I thus cannot figure out which webdoctor is the correct one.

    Thankfully i did managed to get preware on the phone and do everything through this instead.

    Would be good if i could get the desktop method working as well.
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    I did run the update aplication and it said that my pre its already updated and still dont have the webOS 1.4.5, I been searching on the web to this manually but there are some negative things when doing this like, it freeze and wont turn on. but thanks Ill keep trying to update my pre if some one can help i will be glad.
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    Well if anything, call Palm and see if they can point you in the right direction to update your phone. Maybe you will have to use a 1.4.5 webOS Doctor.
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    Telcel only support webOS 1.4.0, which really sucks.
    Te mando un PM para echarte la mano.
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