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    I do think I've got the correct section for this sort of thing. If not, a mod can move it (duh).

    This is something I fear can't be fixed. My Sprint Pre is right now unbootable after attempting to upgrade from 1.4.5 to 2.1, twice. Easiest fix would obviously be to enter Recovery Mode, Doctor it back to 1.4.5, problem solved. Not quite, the up-volume key on my phone broke awhile back, and I've been adjusting my volume from a patch on Preware.

    So, in this situation, I've got an unbootable Pre that can't be put into Recovery Mode. My dad has sort of left me to try and fix it on my own; he is letting me borrow his netbook running Ubuntu to try and do all of these things.

    So from what I'm getting from the Wiki is that there's something called a bootie, and I need to talk to it? That sounds like Command Line stuff which I've never really done. I'd really like some help, the instructions on how to do this isn't very clear, or perhaps just completely unfriendly to a Windows user.

    I've got very few posts so I can't post links or pictures to provide what I'm working with and what I've seen already.
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    Goto OMAP Boot Procedure and it gives you the directions.. Please read through the entire article Twice before attempting

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    boots and cats
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    Er, that is to say, I couldn't get memboot to work but my situation is a little different. Try memboot!

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