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    The touch screen on my Palm Pre has cracked, and I have the 3 year extended warranty, so I'm bringing it in for replacement tomorrow. Before I do this, I want to remove all the patches and the theme I have installed. I know that if I run WebOSDoctor then it will restore it to factory settings, but then I have to sign into my Palm Profile again. Will I be able to do this without using the touch screen (switching from profile name to password with the press of the enter button?). And do you think they will replace it even though I've overclocked it?
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    Ok so the touchscreen has broke so you will have a 2 prong process here:

    1. Do a full erase of the device by holding down option + sym + power button for a few seconds. You will get a promt it will trigger a FULL ERASE shortly if you keep holding them down, let it. This accomplishes the whipping of all your personal data but not the mods.

    2. Once you get the palm profile signin screen, put the device in debug mode and run the webos doctor.

    Thats it! Gotta cleaned out device. I haven't seen anyone getting denied for overclocking. Overclocking the CPU and a cracked screen are nothing alike. They'll look the chasis over for drops.
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