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    I would like to buy another Palm Pre from USA with postage. There is no way I can use it in my country without an approved IMEI/ESN. I would like to use my old phones imei numbers for that purpose. Is it possible or hard to change the imei/esn number? I know its illegal.

    By the way how do I understand a palm pre using sim card? I am looking at ebay and they are all listed as CDMA. America should have gsm 1800 band either, isn't it? May be i need to look at verizon palm pre's?
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    Well, you can just swap out the comm board from your Pre into the one you replace. Then you'd get your old ESN/IMEI:

    Here's the procedure: Sprint Pre Plus - WebOS Internals
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    No. I would like to swap the IMEI from a Samsung telephone not another Palm Pre.
    Thanks anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    That's a crime in some states/regions/countries.
    I am not living in those some countries.
    I am not asking 'how' but want to know if it is possible and how hard.
    I think it is legal to know that.
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    If you guys say it is impossible that means it is impossible =)
    I need to change my plans so.
    I need the register the imei for the palm pre i'm going to buy. This is also possible.
    Thanks again.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, (I've always used CDMA phones,) but a Pre from a GSM provider like AT&T should allow you to insert a SIM, correct?
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    The SIM doesn't have to do anything with the IMEI number, the IMEI is exclusive to every phone, it's its identifier. As GuyFromNam stated, there's no easy way to "change" the imei number of your phone (or esn on CDMA). Can you imagine what would be of our phones if there were an easy way to do this? Your phone could be easily stolen and resold with a new IMEI. Not a good idea!!

    You'd better register the Pre's IMEI with your carrier for use. And you could Preactivate it with rwhitby's method if you'd like US paid app catalog on it (you'd need an US card, but that's another story).
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    I hate those IMEI/ESN numbers.
    I don't think it is just for stolen phones. Goverments would not even care about their citizen's phones. I believe IMEI's are just to track people to govern them!
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    I really wouldn't look at it as a legal matter but a potential mess if IMEIs started floating around. They uniquely identify a commboard and how the system sends calls to it. If knowledge of this gets around then the whole phone systems goes to you know where. Law is there to keep that from happening. Can you swap IMEI, yep but that information will never be posted here. Im aware of some countries tying an IMEI to you like a SSN to people in the US and does suck when you need a replacement. God Bless the USA for not mandating this
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    I just registered the imei so the phone is legal now but the question is if i do still need unlock the phone to use with my simcard.

    how do i understand if the phone is locked(by activation) or simcard locked (by imei)?
    When the phone boots it says SOS Only.

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