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    i have a palm pre plus and a bit of oreo effect, i'm OCD in moving it every now and then to see if it's getting worse or not.
    so here's my solution: i plan to use my old phone first and wait til i get an AGF GRT casing.
    my question: will removing the SIM card and battery for a, let's say, a month, will reset my palm profile or perform a secure erase. my old but reliable palm centro does that. i'm one of the few asian owners of a webos device who is lucky enough to have access to app catalog. don't want to risk losing it though.

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    Your Palm Profile has nothing to do with your device - it exists on a Palm server and will not be deleted if you don't "sign on" in a while. I've been without my phone for a month and nothing got lost.

    Your phone is also not going to lose any locally stored data no matter how long you leave it lying about. You should be fine

    But I can't help saying this: your phone probably displays slider play that's perfectly normal for sliders and your twisting it "to see whether it's getting worse" is what's making it worse. I get it though, I'm a compulsive scratcher-at-scabs myself.

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