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    I am running a car computer in my car. It is no different than the normal personal computers. (intel based,mini itx, running xp,) here is a short video

    Syvecs and car computing.

    My idea is to be able to use Palm pre on my car too. Rather than using a car tracking system I want to use a Palm Pre hidden somewhere in the car and constantly running for multi purpose tracking unit.

    By this way I also be able to run say mobile hotspot application and 3G full internet access on my car. I think the car battery may suffer with Palm Pre but I need to measure the current first.

    So regarding for the GPS. Say the car stolen and the car computer is off but palm pre is hidden some where in the car and running. How do I access it? Is there anyway to determine the position? Would it be possible to track palm pre from a remote computer? I need some fresh ideas here as i am not very used to palm pre and its applications.

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    By this way, if you read my blog I would be able to 'tune' my car from a remote computer.
    I may easily stop the fuel pump or say close the injectors from remote computer. The computer inside, is also connected to the car engine computer unit 'ecu'.

    Project name Matruska =)
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    for GPS why dont you just use Google latitude? I believe it works for the pre with an app. there are probably some other apps that post the location every so often. To get access to the phone you just need to setup openssh and a dynamic dns for your phone and you can access it from anywhere on the internet. this will only give you a command line to the phone. so you wont have a GUI. check out for openssh and dynamic dns.

    by the way I the carputer sounds sweet. I started to design one for my brother so he could have it in his car with internet access all the time and could collect real time data from his ecu and could tune it on the fly. but we never got around to actually building it in the car.
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    Thank you! I didn't know there is an applications that post the locations intervally.
    If there is an application like that it is not need to connect Palm pre from a remote computer but a static ip may be addressed too.

    Telemetry is a great thing if you are mapping the differential on the track.
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    I couldnt find an application like that could you name it.

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