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    Doctor to 2.1, click notification area to make phone call, press ##DEVMODE## and that will by-pass activation.

    (it also might be *#DEVMODE## or #*DEVMODE##, I forget which)
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    Quote Originally Posted by compuseum View Post
    I can't doc, because I can't start the bootloader (broken up-key)
    So the doctor doesn't recognize the phone unless it is in the "bootloader mode"?
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    I would check to make sure that the modem cable in your phone has a good connection to the modem and the front half on the phone. Then make sure that the cable isn't damaged. Your modem problems are most likely due to this cable being damaged.

    *not really recommended* If that checks out, it would be a long shot, but I would try shorting the little connections that are responsible for controlling the volume keys.

    *not really recommended* Then maybe a ModemFW Flash might help?
    Palm Pre 2 on Sprint
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    If the phone was in devmode, using the kanomi code, and then put the phone into USB drive mode, the webOS doctor would work. Then in 2.1 you can do #*devmode#, use wifi, install the profile create patch, and all set for the wifi pda device. As long as your touchscreen works, this should work, minus phone calls obviously
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