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    Someone knows how to find the date you have reached the sms?
    I see that the former sorts for months and weeks. : x

    sometimes slows the Pre, open an application, open the small tab, flashes for a while until it opens.
    And that have few applications installed or install illegal.

    Some time ago I did overclock the cpu and it showed a lot.

    I have the palm pre 1, never can install webos 2.0 ?
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    I can't install webos 2.0

    Any solution ?
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    I had to make the "jail" for the Pre.
    To much did not.

    I downloaded this:
    PrewareInstaller-1.5.0 (1.45Mb)
    and I was erroresm, if not installed Novacom ... :?
    Here I was telling you the steps:
    In the end I found the WebOSQuickInstall and I could.
    Looking for Preware, I find us with the program but 3 versions:
    Builtin timestamps
    Clean timestamps
    Timestamps Fancy.

    I put the first and seems to work

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