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    First, I had regular old power button failure. Did the pencil eraser thing, which seemed to work for two minutes, but then it was apparent that the power button was constantly being depressed even when i wasn't touching the phone -- it would come in and out of sleep while sitting on a table.

    I removed the pencil eraser, but the problem continued -- the power button is being continuously activated despite no physical contact. Now I have removed the plastic button entirely but it still constantly turns on and off, wants to restart or go into airplane mode, screen turns off while i"m using it. The phone is basically inoperable.

    Last resort is take it to a Sprint store but I've already fiddled with the button. Anyone have any advice?
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    Same thing happened to me last night. You're gonna have to accept the fact that you will have no power button to use.

    First of all, you're going to have to remove that tiny piece of round metal it's a few times the size of the end of a pin) that is located under where the power button say. You may be able to get it off with small tweezers or a pick of some kind. Mine came off from when I tried to superglue an eraser to it and I ripped out the eraser. Once you get that metal piece off, take a pencil and "write" with it all over the area that was under the metal piece you pop off. I think this shorts out the button contacts and makes it so the button will no longer work. This is what I've done and it worked perfectly. Beforehand, my button was being pressed on its own every second.

    Now that you have no power button, download the app ScreenOff from preware. This accomplishes the same action as pressing the power button. Now, if only there was a patch to put the Pre to sleep when the slider was closed.

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