So, I have a buddy who has an AT&T Pre Plus. There is a ribbon or wire in the guts that prevents his device from sliding completely shut. It slides down until about the space bar, then it's jammed. Consequently, this also happened to my wife's Pre-, but hers was just an annoyance, as the device would actually close, it just took some additional force.

While I am comfortable taking the back plate off (after recently completing 2 Franken Pre conversions), I am no so comfortable going after the rest of the guts to fix his phone. Has anyone else had the same issue as noted above & was there a doable fix?

If not, that brings me to my next question. He's having trouble finding another AT&T Pre Plus, but is finding plenty of Verizon Pre Plus devices at a price he's happy with. I would think that I could com switch via a full backplate transfer & meta doctor, but I want to be sure before I tell him to go ahead & buy the VZW Pre Plus. Given that I'm familiar with the Sprint to AT&T transfers I just did on 2 devices, can I take the same approach & swap out the VZW backplate for the AT&T & meta?

Outside of that, I'm not an AT&T guy & not familiar at all with SIM issues. If he were to find a reasonable AT&T Pre Plus, would he be able to activate it to his account via a simple SIM card transfer? I'm guessing this answer is scenario specific, but I just need a short answer before I dig deeper.

If anyone has the time, I appreciate any feedback you all have on this, or if you can at least point me to a thread where this is already answered. I did some quick searches for him this morning & didn't get my exact answers, so I went against my better judgement & started a thread. Cheers.