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    Made the mistake of trying to activate a spare Pre Plus. It transfered all data from the regular Pre to my spare. When I restored everything to normal I ended up losing some patches and my Preware is gone. Is there an easy way to restore it without using webosquickinstall? I have tried everything. The Java downloads are burning a hole in my hard drive. When I try to run webosquickinstall it ends up trying to download java all over again. Then it just stalls. I loaded preware from my 1994 sony vaio, now I have a new laptop and I thought this would be a piece of cake. Please help!
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    there is still a need to download novacom and stuff like that but you can install just prepared with a stand alone installer. Here's the link for more description: prepared

    just scroll down to where it says stand alone installer and you should breeze through in a couple minutes
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    Tried that also, very frustrating!

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