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    I've found that adding data, roaming on/off functions and other things to the right, drop down menu, tends to affect battery life. I also believe that hiding certain apps (music player, NASCAR, NFL etc.) affects battery life.

    I thought these menu additions were simply adding toggles for easier access functions that already exist elsewhere in the device, which, in and of themselves do not reduce battery life. And hiding an app is simply commenting it out, right? There's tons of commented-out functions embedded in WebOS why should a few more affect my battery performance?

    Now, honestly, I haven't been tracking battery life as much as I used to because I gave up on power, went for speed, and just plug in whenever I can or carry a spare battery. But, it would be interesting to know who has used patches that seem to affect power or performance unexpectedly. And, if those in the know have any quick answers for why, feel free to chime in.

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    correlation != causation
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    For what it's worth....if you want to save battery power.....don't buy a smart phone(or use 2G only). Two friends of mine, one has a Motorola Atrix, and the other a HTC's their number one complaint. I always thought the Pre had bad battery life, but the more people I run into with other smartphones, aside from the few that have smartphones that don't really do anything with their smartphones aside from phone calls, the more I hear about battery issues. So until they come up with a better power source, I think we're all doomed to battery issues no matter what phone you have.
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    With the top menu patches, it depends on how it's written. For example, if they're polling for data/status every 30 seconds, your battery will suffer.

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