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    After planning to hold out for the Touchpad, I'm starting to seriously consider the iPad2. I would only get the wifi version, so I'd probably need to use my Mobile Hotspot/Freetether at times. Has anyone tried out using the Mobile Hotspot from their Pre to provide Internet access for the iPad2? I know there were problems with the iPad, and I'm wondering whether there are problems with this version.
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    I have not tried an iPad2 but I have never had any problem connecting the original iPad to my Vzw Pre+.
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    I use Free Tether for my Sprint Pre-, and have no problems connecting to my Ipad 1 so I don't think there should be any difference for the Ipad 2.

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    I have been tethering my pre and my iPad 1 for awhile now and never had a problem. Sometimes when the signal is really low it might run very slowly but it always connects.
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    I have the iPad 2 and I use Mobile Hotspot with it. I've not experienced any problems. They work well together.
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    I have waited to long for the touchpad, I have bought 2 Ipads, one for each kids and I'm going this week to get an ipad2 for me, so far the I have had no problem with the tether and the ipads. Thanks for dragging your feet hp, as soon an my contracts are up and see if hp makes things right then I'll be webos free. Thanks again hp. Palm wouldn't have let me down like you did.
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    Works great on my ipad2 as well.
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    Worked great for me with verizon, but last night my pre plus no longer had any hot spot info in it and would not allow me to start the hot spot.

    About to get on the phone to get support. Anyone else have this happen?

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