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    Having a patch that puts all the icons in a horizontal continuous scroll, similar to me putting them all on one page and going up and down?

    I realize this may not be the appropriate forum to place this topic in, but I'm so used to swiping left and right on the gesture area and am not a big fan of the automatic pop of all the icons when I change pages, trying to create the illusion of icons moving out of the way...

    I'd love to see this on 1.4.5, but I'm guessing it's being left in the dust, it would be incredible for future devices, seeing as it may require a little more horse power and/or hardware acceleration.


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    Not sure exactly what you mean but I have a patch installed that gives me a list view in the launcher. It kinda resembles WP7. I really like the look.
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    try the patch called "wrap pages".
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    I think the page wrapping will settle it for you.

    I have all these "Advanced..." patches, and I can't remember which one, but one of them gives me the option to wrap pages in the Launcher under the Preferences menu. Along with a bunch of other useful settings.
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    Does this patch actually change the view, or does it just hide the other view and show the new list view?
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    The list view patch is called Lite List Launcher.

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