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    Beginning about 12 hours ago, I've been having trouble with one of my Gmail accounts. Sorry for the long rambling, but I'm putting all this info just in case it helps.

    Last night, I got an email saying my log-in credentials for this Gmail account needed to be confirmed. I've gotten similar alerts like this in the past, where clicking the notice will take me to Gmail in the browser, and I have to type in my log-in plus a captcha. Once I do, it'll say everything's ok, and my email will start loading it again.

    So I did it, everything went well, and I went to refresh my inbox. Nothing happens. I try it several times, I restarted my data connection (airplane mode on then off), and still, all my other inboxes are refreshing, but not this one.

    So I decide to remove the account and re-add it...except now it's not letting me re-add the account. Every time I try, it gives me the error message: "Unable to Sign In. Unable to connect to the mail service. Try again later."

    I know I have the right info, and I'm still able to access the account via the browser. I've tried rebooting the phone and doing the "manual" set up to no avail either.

    Anyone else with the same problems? Any ideas?

    (P.S. Does anyone know why every so often I have get error messages about my Yahoo and Gmail log in credentials being expired and need revalidation?)

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Hey could you tell us which webOS version you are using? First try to remove the google and yahoo accounts from email, contacts, calendar, and messenger. Then reboot the device and readd the email accounts in from your Email app, or in Accounts app if using webOS2. If that fails, partial erase the device and try again.
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    This happens to me about once every 7 to 10 days or so. it is very annoying. Mostly it happens on Gmail. I usually try to "fix" it 2 or 3 times. I give up but eventually the error goes away for good. I never don't get my email, its just a freaky thing.
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    I just started to frequently get this problem too. It's been happening for the last few weeks, several times a day. It appears that I am actually "signing in" just fine most of the time. Since I get this problem for several services, not just Google services, I assume it's a problem with Sprint's network preventing authentication from be acknowledged some times.
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    I have had this problem with GMail. What seems to work best is:
    Remove the account, email, contacts, calendar, etc. on the phone.
    Reboot the phone, just to be sure you have cleared the account.
    Use your browser to go to GMail and change your password.
    Add the account back to the phone.
    Reboot again.

    I had daily and more frequent problems until I did this. Haven't had a problem for months since.
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    I have been having the exact same problem for the last few weeks. It happens with gmail, yahoo and aol. seems like it could be a sprint issue.

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