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    I've got the Sprint Pre- running 1.4.5 with a variety of patches and the AV8B Harrier II Kernel (1.005Ghz). It was running just fine for a while, but during the past several days to a week, I've encountered more hang ups. From very laggy or unresponsive touch screen issues (touch a radio button and it doesn't respond at all, or darkens, but doesn't do anything) to email or camera apps opening but staying dark or blank. Sometimes all I have to do is close and reopen something. But, often, I have to do a full reboot.

    I have trimmed off a lot of stuff and have 3.7GB of space free, so it's not a storage issue.

    I have also noticed my proximity sensor not responding quite as well, so if I move the phone around near my face, I end up beeping at my caller because the screen doesn't stay dark.

    My biggest concern though is the lags and the freezes that force me to reboot. Is there a general fix for something like that? Do I need to fully doctor my phone (I hope not), or is my touch screen just going?

    Oh, and I did perform all the onboard diagnostics for the screen and it shows up normal.

    Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    It sounds like your getting chronic memory leak issues. Twice I have this through the history of my Sprint Pre and each time resolved by removing all patches by using the EPR, uninstalled my theme, and then reinstalled them back. Its usually the combination of patching over time yields this issue. Quicker to run the doc and then reinstall for a pure clean slate IMO but can put that off in case ripping all the patches still yields freezing issues.

    If the quick test passed and touchscreen test for interactive test filled on all the blocks would mean physically your phone is fine.
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    I am having the same issue & I have no patches, themes, or homebrew apps (I know...). Is a memory leak still possible with just the 'approved' apps? I too noticed this problem getting worse at around 3.7 GB remaining. The camera has always been slow to open, but now is is really bad and sometimes just gets stuck on the grey screen. When I select an app, the 'ripple' doesn't register for a second or two after my finger is off the screen. Annoying. And shaking the phone vigorously isn't helping!
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    Most of my patches are simple "cosmetic" ones, like a better naming convention for the pics, adding functionality (data on/off etc) to the drop down menu, silencing system noises when charging and a few others. Is there a SIMPLE way to save a list of my patches in case I do remove them all so I don't just hunt for them again from memory or have to write them down by hand?

    "If you can't view and manage multiple apps, via multiple open windows, side-by-side, it's not multi-tasking, PERIOD." - Me

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