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    So. Every singlw time I turn odd the screen my phone stops keeping track of time so when I open it up it takes up to 6 or 7 seconds to show me the right time. I guess its connectings to the cell signal. So while my screen is off it doesn't notice that I have an alarm that should go off and doesn't go off till I open my phoneand then i t plays all the alarms that it missed. I have now been late for work 3 times cause of this and need a fix asap.

    Thanks. Also tried "clock sync" that will not work.
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    What carrier, hardware, and os?
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    pre, bell, 1.4.5
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    I don't think the problem is the pre is not keeping up with the time but refreshing clock function in the luna upon idle, its simply stoping. Clock sync only covers the time drifting over time issue but still a good thing to have in case. This is more pronounces when there is no data connections. Could you go to Data and Time app and set the time and timzone manually to see if it does better? Dont worry about internal drifting since now you have clocksync If not:

    1. Any patches installed? If any, which ones? Tried removing them yet?
    2. Which kernel are you using? If using a custom kernel, remove it, put back the palm kernel, and then see if anything changes.
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    Well I Had 10 plus alarms. I deleted them all and now its working again. So I will not use my phone as an alarm

    Devs please make an alarm app.
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    after deleting the problem came back.
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    I use MyClock and I've never had a problem. Check it out - it's .99 and in the app catalog. Lots of great features, too.

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