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    Tomorrow I pick up my 8th Palm Pre, thank God I got the insurance or I'd be out hugh $'s

    Like all the other times, you can't hear the other party unless your on headset or speaker phone

    This phone really ended up sucking - when my 24 months are up, I'm getting the EVO and not looking back
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    i had this problem and went to a repair center. they replaced my headphone jack with a new one in about an hour and it works perfectly and has now for a long time. prob your better bet since the repalcements you are getting are refurb..
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    It's a shame you have had seven unnecessary replacements. Sound only working from the headphone jack is an issue that any device that uses a headphone port can run into.

    There is a series of troubleshooting steps you can do to resolve the issue yourself without needing to go through a replacement process.

    1. Inserting / removing the headphones into the headset jack a few times to grab the trigger inside and release it
    2. Clean the headphone jack and ensure debris has not been lodged inside
    3 Take a toothpick or a qtip with the excess cotton removed from it and clean the inside of the port
    Ex HP webOS Tech Support

    5Ts: Five ways to get your webOS tablet working again:

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