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    I am having problem with my Sprint Pre running webOS and Google Talk, for some reason it keeps signing me off, every few minutes.

    Can some one help out?

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    1. What's your data service like? I've found google talk doesn't consistently work well on a 1xrtt connection. A solid EV is required for best service.
    2. Have you tried restarting the device?
    3. Does this only occur with gtalk or is gtalk the only service you have on the phone?
    4. Try removing and readding the account back to the device.
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    I like to motion to add update your PRL, go into the phone preferences and tap on Update PRL and Update Network buttons to this subject. HB is right on gtalk will drop you on the 1x connections or just having poor latencies. Sprint did put out a new PRL recently.
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    thank you guys I am running webOS 2.1

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