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    Hey all,
    I have been having TERRIBLE reception wherever I go with my Pre, right now I'm in Austin, TX, never get more than 1 bar. So I called sprint, they had me go into device info, and under more info, hardware, network, tell them the firmware, mine is "CC1.6", the person I talked to said it should be 2.5 What do you all have?
    She said go to the Sprint website, login, click on my phone (thats what she and go to upgrade firmware, which would install something to my dekstop, and then plug my phone up to my computer and install it...well, I can't find anything like that on the website...anyone have any suggestions for me?
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    also, I am elgibble for my upgrade now...I am battling staying with Sprint or getting an iPhone...if I stay with Sprint, anyone have a good suggestion for me for a new phone to get? With good reception...haha
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    she is essentially telling u to run webOS doctor. Before u do that, have i updated your PRL yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    she is essentially telling u to run webOS doctor. Before u do that, have i updated your PRL yet?
    Yeah...and where do I get the doctor? And doesn't that erase the Pre, not update it? Or does it?
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    My phone has Firmware CC1.6(535), and I have decent reception; always have. I also update PRL and Network Settings fairly regularly. I've never heard of what she's describing for you to do.
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    I also have CC1.6(535). Not great reception, but usually works.

    I also update my PRL regularly.
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    damn...I did it, lost all my homebrew stuff, and yep, still 1.6...that lady didn't know what she was talking about
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    Mine is RC1.7(557)
    That may be because I'm running 2.1, not sure.

    Open the Phone app, go to Network Services, or something of that sort. Do you have a Update Network Settings? I think I remember that being there in 1.4.5...

    Other than that, I'm not totally sure.
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