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    I have a friend who is still running WebOS 1.1.0 on Bell .

    What would be the best way to get him to 1.4.5? See if the automatic update works, or use WebOS Doctor to upgrade? The only thing I'm concerned about is that he doesn't lose his contacts/e-mail data. He doesn't have any apps because, well, he is on a version long before the app store was working.

    Does the answer change depending on which profile (Google/Palm/etc.) he is storing his contacts against?
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    I should think the auto update should work to get him up to 1.4.5, and he won't lose any contacts, emails, etc.
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    Some contacts stored in the Palm profile will most likely be lost. I recommend syncing with Google for contacts. He should doctor his phone so there's no chance of files being messed up during the OTA update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smmullen View Post
    I should think the auto update should work to get him up to 1.4.5, and he won't lose any contacts, emails, etc.
    Yeah. He said he tried it on his own, but "something failed". He's quite smart about a lot of things, but not a geek, so that is as much as I know about his last auto update attempt. It's possible trying to go from 1.1.0 to 1.4.5 isn't a supported migration path...I'll know more when I go over there and have a look at it.
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    I just back up the contacts using google. and use a doctor to ensure a clean update to 1.4.5 and he should be set.
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    Everyone always says backup your contacts with Google. I, for one, dont want to create a google account just for my contacts. When following the 2.1 Meta Doctor Update instructions, they mentioned this thread:

    In it, it was posted by jays_pre:

    1.) Dial ##66623#
    2.) Tap Cellebrite Export
    3.) When it is done, connect the phone to the computer
    4.) Select USB drive then Open the Palm Pre drive
    5.) Make sure that "Show hidden files and folders" is selected in your pc (folder options)
    6.) Open the TEMP folder
    7.) A file called "PIMmigration" will be inside the TEMP folder, copy this file to the desktop.

    You can take that file and email it back to yourself from your computer. Open it up in the email app on your phone and your contacts will start transferring.
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    It is supposed to be a supported path, just the download for it via OTA is HUGE and will take some time. Some homebrewin back in those days did conflict with OTA download so either way maybe a good bet to score a 2fer with the doctor, auto doctor if patches have been installed. Since going from 1.1.0 to 1.4.5 does rewrite the partition and shifts the 3rd party apps around, the data in those apps will be lost, well either OTA of tethered doesn't matter i guess, and DO BACKUP THE USB DATA FIRST for there will be a very good chance that volume will get wipped.
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    Thanks for all the help, guys. He has no apps installed, so that's one less thing to worry about.

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