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    Im using an O2 pre- on 2.0.1
    whenever im sending sms it gives me the error "message length error-the message you have entered is larger than the allowed size"
    even if i just typed one character,and a red cross is shown on the sending button...
    thought it'll be fixed when i do doctoring,but still the same..
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    I am having the same problem, WebOS 2.1 unlocked phone, it works ok with my normal provider (O2 UK), but now I am using a different sim card and it doesn't allow me to sent any messages, even with just 1 charachter, I get that cross over the send button, and the error message "The message you have entered is larger than the allowed size", could it be come setting for sms?? anyone know how to work around this??
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    'Cmon guys,would really like to send some gives me hard times,anyone got a clue?thought that im the only one experiencing this problem...any words seif?
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    I have this on 3 devices that are running 2.1.0

    Two Pre-'s and one Pre Plus.

    All doctored using the WebOS-Internals meta-doctor procedure. Internal memory rebuilt and re-doctored for completely 'clean' install. Problem still there
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    i have the same problem
    is there any patch or any solution for that ?
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    i found a temp fix for that
    it may take you an extra step or two to send an SMS, but i thing i'll live with it

    1- write your SMS normally or via "just type".
    2- search for the contact you want to send the SMS for.
    3- you note that a little x appears on the send button (don't worry).
    4- click on the contact to edit the number.
    5- add the international prefix to the number then click send without clicking on the written SMS.


    local number to call (in Jordan) is :0791234567
    edit it to: +962 791234567

    click send, and thats it
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    im surprised that this issue seems to have only popped up on a very few devices.

    Noone else found this? i assume its limited to GSM devices running webos 2.1.

    and thank you eyad for your fix. it looks like it works, but its a pain in the ***. surely there is another way to fix this issue?
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    did anyone solve this issue guys....
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    Quote Originally Posted by engqaz View Post
    did anyone solve this issue guys....
    Did you try the fix mentioned above? (Adding in the international code by hand.) If this works, it would help explain what to fix.
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    Sounds like the root cause is the national prefix of the phone number... Seems that causes other issues in webOS and there are some threads around about fixes for voice calls.

    Not sure if they apply to SMS or not.

    Site search might be in order for common issues/fixes using "International Dialing" in the search string...
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