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    I couldn't stand another $109 phone bill for the Pre...that and the sluggishness finally got to me, so I finally made the switch. I'm with Tmobile now and happy thusfar. I will miss a few things about the Pre, but it was for the best as it just couldn't keep up anymore.

    The ironic part is that I was standing in the Tmobile store bragging about webOS how I would miss the phone - minus the slowness. So i'm using the Pre to pull up my Sprint info to port my number when BAM....Too many cards! As usual, I had nothing else open....that part I will NOT miss took about 12 hours for the number to port to my new phone. I just left my Pre on the touchstone (i'll miss that for sure) and I had assumed it would quit working entirely once it was ported. To my surprise, it's still working on Wifi, and oddly enough it's pretty snappy all the sudden. The entire experience is smoother and faster(obviously I can't make calls or txt...but everything else i've tried seems to work). Anybody else deactivated one and noticed how fast it gets once it's not having to process all the cdma stuff in the background?
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    It's too bad you left. The biggest problem with the Pre- is the fact that it only has 256MB of RAM. I recently took my sprint comms board and installed it into a Verizon Pre Plus which has 512MB of RAM and man what a difference. The thing almost never swaps any more, and I can get by on the stock kernel. And, as a bonus, the reduced level of swapping saves battery life, too. Since reading/writting RAM uses a lot less energy than swapping to/from flash. The surgery required to make the sprint pre plus was pretty easy: Sprint Pre Plus - WebOS Internals. Although it was still surgery. So if you're not comfortable with that sort of thing, it's not much of an option.

    Long and short: I'm much happier with my sprint pre plus than I was with my sprint pre minus. The plus is really what Palm should have released on June 6, 2009. I think the phone would have done *much* better. Build quality would have been hard to achieve on the first iteration. But OS performance would have been much better.
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    Leaving had more to do with the $109/month than anything. I actually liked the Pre aside from the sluggishness and a few other issues. I may have moaned about stuff here and there, but it was the best phone i'd ever owned. Hopefully my economic situation will eventually improve and I can rejoin the webOS/Pre community at some point.

    I'll keep tabs on PreCentral in hopes of great things to come...even if HP did talk away the Palm name and slap their crappy logo on the new devices.
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    Why was you payin $109 a month when you could have been payin $80 a month if you had the simply everything data plan cuz with the free mobile to any mobile it like havin the simply everything plan whos really goin to go over those mins they give callin landlines lol
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    just walk in and say you work for burger king its a 25% discount and no ones bragging about working at BK so you shouldn't have to much of a problem,

    walk in grab a couple 125$ bt headphones ask for a price check and
    mention that at work you heard they gave a discount but werent sure if it was real,
    then ditch the accessories once the forms been filled for you

    NOTE it will require a renewal and wont work on the 99.99 simply everything
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    I had the simply everything $99.95 plan. Ironically they did offer me a $5 discount, but by doing so they said my plan would reset and that would require me to pay the new $10 premium data fee. The $109 was the $99 + taxes and fees. I tried everything I could to stay, but Sprints plan lineup just doesn't have many options...and none that worked for me.

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