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    My palm Pre is no longer uploading or downloading anything, I tried downloading and app and it said download failed and I tried uploading a picture to twitter and it said upload failed.

    I can still use the internet but no uploads and downloads and I am not sure why.

    any suggestions?
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    What carrier are you on?
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    sounds like your on bell mobility... i have the same problem and so does alot of people on Bell, if your on wi-fi you could download your apps, but if your on the 3G nothing would download but you could still browse the internet... dunno if its a problem with palm or bell
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    One other thing affected on Bell is Plickr. I can't upload photos on the Bell network, but they upload fine over wi-fi.

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    I have read in another thread that someone called Palm/HP to find out about this issue and they where told that there is a problem with the BellM network and and the software jiving with each other!!!!????
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    there's two threads already bout that. :-p
    Check em out.

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