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    Is there anyway to disable to volume buttons on the Palm Pre?

    I recently dropped my pre. Now to volume "UP" button is stuck. I can't turn the volume down, it just goes all the way back up. The phone is always displaying the volume level over the launcher bar. It is very annoying and makes it almost impossible to use my phone.

    Is there anyway to just disable the volume buttons all together. If I can find a way to disable the buttons, I can just start adjusting the volume level in the "Sound Settings" menu.

    Anyone know of a patch that can disable the volume button? I desperately need a patch for this.

    PS.... I don't want to have to pay $100, to get a replacement. And I really doubt Sprint will replace/fix the phone for free. It is obvious the phone has been dropped. There is very noticeable cosmetic damage to the phone.
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    Check this thread:

    Not sure if it's what you need exactly but it's a start.
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    get "quick system tasks" from Preware. Among other cool things, it has some volume controls. You can also use the Sounds&Rintones app to set volume.

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