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    Hi folks,

    my provider wants to charge me about 1000 for march, because i exceeded my data limit with around 4GB. This is of course very unpleasant and first i thought it has to be a mistake, because i used the internet in about the same extent as before, where my 500MB limit was always enough.

    But then, checking my online bill, i realized that all started when i doctored my german(O2) Pre- to 2.1. Now, of course i switched off the data connection. But using WiFi only and having installed Netstat, i can clearly see that my Pre's daily traffic is about 200MB(!) And i mean not just the day where i installed the update and the Pre reloaded all my settings, i mean daily.

    Does anybody know this issue? Is there any kind of software or trick to check out which programs or processes acces the internet that much? Could it be some kind of virus? I uninstalled nearly every additional App, but the traffic is still the same.

    I'd be very glad to find some help here... Thanks!
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    What kind of sync accounts do you have? You could try turning them on/off one by one and check netstat after an hour.
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    I've got:
    Google (Contacts, Calendar, mail)
    Facebook (Contacts)
    and two more Mail-Accounts.
    Thanks for the tip, i'm gonna try that.
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    Did you check if your backup fails? It might be that the system tries to do the backup again and again if it fails.
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $backup$ ($to$ $my$ $Palm$ $Profile$) $is$ $switched$ $off$. $Funny$ $enough$, $if$ $i$ $start$ $the$ $Backup$ $app$, $it$ $first$ $shows$ &$quot$;$on$&$quot$; $and$ $after$ $finishing$ $loading$, $it$ $switches$ $to$ &$quot$;$off$&$quot$;.
    Now, having deleted my Facebook profile, traffic seems to be "quiet" for one hour... But i'll continue to observe...
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    Another thought, checking your messaging apps accounts. You may have more turned "on" than you realize and the constant polling will use some data.

    However, what has your battery life been like? If you are using that much cell data I would think you would have experienced more battery drain than before.
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    I don't use any online Messaging Services, so i only have my SMS-Account activated in Messaging...
    As for battery life: Of course it ran out faster than before, but i thought: a) That's quite an old phone, so the battery is starting to die already, b) WebOS 2.1 just needs more power.
    I didn't mention that i had quite a busy life the last weeks and therefore too, i forgot to check my traffic quota online... which of course causes me trouble now...
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    There was a thread on this before, someone had the same exact problem as the OP. I'm terrible with the search here but I'm sure someone could find it, maybe he/she solved it?
    Sprint Love
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    Another thing that should be mentioned is do you use any tethering software like freetether?

    Don't want to insult the OP's intelligence and may seem a bit obvious but you might have left it switched on as open or even your home computer could be using it!
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    That's crazy. You should contact Palm as well, if it is a bug they will be interested. Which provider, where are you located?
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    First, you should install netstat and configure the reset day correctly so you have the Pre's view.

    Second, in 1.4.x there was a daemon that used to upload some info to Palm in the nights. This, along with the backups, and synergy account changes (the contacts get checked constantly), can increase your consumption, but more that 4gb a month it's really too much!

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    I have a 150mb data plan with Verizon and i basically leave cell data off 95% of the time.

    The app that i use for toggling radios is called Quick System Tasks. I highly recommend it. I keep it on the quick-launch, and then use the wave to bring it up and toggle wifi, cell data, whatever.

    Not as convenient as leaving it on, i know, but it works for me.
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    OK, 4GB was a bit miscalculated, according to the official bill i've got now, it's "only" 3GB - which is still a lot i think.
    @beastobadness: No tethering software.
    @maajka: I'm in Austria, using the Pre as a phone which is officially not supported by my provider - which could make things more difficult...

    Now, as i wrote earlier, I've installed Netstat to check my Wifi only traffic. I messed around whith deinstalling/reinstalling some accounts and I ended up with the same configuration, but now my traffic went down to about 20-30MB per day. Which is okay, as i'm mostly on Wifi.

    But i'm still wondering how that happened...
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    Maybe one of the accounts got stuck in a loop, sure I read somewhere in precentral that this can happen in rare cases, but the solution was exactly what you did and that is to uninstall the accounts then reinstall them all!

    Glad you found a solution.
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    Yep - Now, I hope to find such an easy solution with my provider, too. I mean, concerning my bill...

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