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    Apologies if this is already widely known, but I've come across a pretty peculiar situation with GPS and Mobile Hot Spot (for me at least). I have a VZW Pre+ (upgraded to 2.1) with completely unusable GPS; it was always flaky, but like a bunch of others it's been completely bonked for the past few months now. I was recently given an iPod Touch and I was using it tonight with MHS. So I happened to pull up Google Maps on my iPod, and to my complete shock I got an extremely accurate lock pretty much instantly. Can anyone explain how this might happen?
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    I've been wondering it myself for a long time.

    This doesn't seem to be a wifi-network GPS effect, as I can get an iPod touch+Hotspot GPS lock (low accuracy of course, but it works) in the middle of nowhere.

    I don't think the Palm phone is sending any information straight to the iPod touch, but I can't prove it.

    I think a closer guess is that the Palm phone and the iPod both use Google Services. In the background, I think the phone does a trick - I think it occasionally pushes any GPS lock the Pre can get (however inaccurate) into the Google database.

    So when the iPod touch looks itself up in Google Maps, it receives the last known GPS lock for the IP address (which corresponds to the Palm phone).

    So I don't think Palm programmed any special "work with iPod touch location API" magic into the Palm phone (if it was, I bet there would be a lot more homebrew GPS-wifi service hacks for the iPod touch, but the only one I've found requires a custom app and doesn't work with Maps), and it's not wifi-network location guesswork (the iPod touch can do that on its own). But indirectly I think Google Services helps share the data to the iPod touch, and I think the data is being fed to Google Services from Palm's GPS itself.

    Anybody have any better ideas?

    EDIT: I would be curious to see if a FreeTether hotspot has the same effect. If so, I think that would confirm that the Mobile Hotspot app isn't sending any special GPS messages of its own, but that the iPod and the Palm are probably communicating through a third-party GPS-IP lookup service like Google.
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