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    I have just recently upgraded my Sprint Pre- to WebOs 2.1. I want to upgrade my Pre - to a Pre +. When I use the app Show Properties to email my tokens I receive a text file and not a file titled castle.xml am I doing something wrong? Or does this app not work the same with WebOs 2.1? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Read the wikis on how to do it. It's really pretty easy. If you read all the steps and follow them you won't have a problem. Just read it and read it till you understand. It's all rigght there in the wikis and the How-to-threads. I personall ywould only follow the WebOS internals wikis.
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    The wiki is what says to use the Show Properties app to "email [the] castle.xml file directly." At least it does on this page:

    Quote Originally Posted by
    The only supported way to get these tokens is to install "Show Properties" using Preware and have the system email you a castle.xml file directly.
    I'm not an expert, so hopefully someone else will chime in, but I think all you need to do is email yourself the full token list, then open up the email it sends, and even though it doesn't have a castle.xml you will have all the values you need within the email body.

    You just need to copy and paste the part within the quotes for each value="x" line and you'll be OK. It's just like opening a castle.xml as far as I know.

    I'm in the middle of plussing my Sprint Pre right now, so I'm right here with you. I'll let you know if I can't get it to work. =)
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    It finally clicked for me, that show properties doesn't email you the castle.xml file just the values. The wiki kinda implies that it emails you a castle.xml file directly (which is what I didn't understand I thought I was doing something wrong). The castle.xml file gets edited with your values from show properties (I just copied from wiki and inserted values from show properties where X's are). Then build a Webos Doctor (make pack) with meta-doctor. Everything went pretty good I did have to install and do an OTA update to get my preferred roam list working. My Pre - was dropping calls & losing ev/data constantly, if I would slide the phone open & squeeze the gesture area my signal bars would come back and ev also would come back. Does anyone know if you activate a different Pre -, if Sprint will start charging you the premium data fee of $10? If so this is a good way to get a different Pre without getting charged this fee. FYI this will be my 4th Pre since Aug 2009 Would like some new Sprint WebOs Hardware but if I have to I will stay with my Pre until the Pre 2 is more affordable I will really really like the OS. Thanks webosinternals for my Sprint Pre +
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    Glad you got it working. I'm on 2.1 and syncing my profile now. It's a pretty impressive difference already. =)

    Of course, I screwed up the hardware part a bit and have a slightly skewed LCD, but other than that it's looking like it was worth all the hassle.

    God bless webOS Internals!
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    soydeedo how is 2.1 running on your Sprint Pre +? I installed it with on my Pre - and had to go back to 1.4.5. If I had 4 or more cards open it would become very laggy & eventually lock up to the point where I had to pull the battery. I really like the new features of 2.1 though. Hoping that the extra 256mb ram in the Pre + would make it run smooth.
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    So far I'm digging it. Don't go expecting it to be flawless, but I think it was worth the effort if you really want to stick with webOS but don't really want to toss out $300+ on a Pre 2 with the Pre 3 being so close [we hope].

    I had flashed 2.1 on my Pre- awhile back and at first it seemed to be doing a good job so it looked like enough to tide me over. But it started getting more and more flaky and I was experiencing loooooooooooong freezes and stutters to the point of frustration. I usually waited them out as opposed to pulling the battery because it'd usually come back to life faster than a reboot, but I would try rebooting fairly often as well, in the hopes that it would speed things up.

    No such luck. That's what drove me to this because it seemed like the processor speed wasn't the main issue. Still, like I said, it's not perfect, but at least I'm not missing calls and resisting the urge to throw my phone across the room anymore.

    If the Pre 2 experience is only 10-20% better than this, then I don't know why people are raving about it and I remain skeptical about the Pre 3, but I will give it a fair shake before I abandon webOS completely. This is good for now, though.

    Obviously I'm torn on the platform, but I will say that it was $75 and six hours well spent for my sanity.

    EDIT: I guess I didn't really say how 2.1 works on the Pre Plus much.

    Some things haven't changed; touchscreen sensitivity seems about the same, which is to say that it's not great compared to other devices. This is one of my biggest pet peeves.

    On the other hand, I can certainly open up many more apps without worry now. I have Uberkernel with compcache disabled and haven't experienced an endless lagging stutter like I did with my Pre- on 2.1 really at all. There are some hiccups and it's not crisp by any means, but it's a great step up. Really, the Pre- is a travesty compared the Pre+. It's no wonder nobody carries it anymore.

    Oh, one thing I noticed that had really sped up was the loading of map tiles in Google Maps. I never really thought that had anything to do with memory swapping, but apparently it did because it's quite fast in comparison. It's not Android fast, but I'd say it's just a hair below the iPhone which is totally usable. I was always so frustrated with the Google Maps on the Pre- before. It still takes awhile to load the app itself, but at least the experience within the app is no longer the infuriating mess it was before.

    Also, universal search/just type results seem to pop up noticeably faster now. The results themselves still take a second or so to show up, but at least the results screen itself (with the quick actions and search options) pops up as basically as soon as you start typing rather than swapping and then showing a good while after you started typing. It feels much more responsive.

    What a long edit. I'm done now.
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    Thanks for the update maybe I'll try WebOs 2.1 again, I did like the new features & feel of 2.1. After 6 hrs of upgrading from a Pre - to a Pre + I was gonna wait an see. Lets hope some new hardware is on the way.
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    It may not take you six hours; that's just how long it took me. The hardware part was the most time consuming step for me, so if you're more skilled than I am [something that is highly likely] you could probably shave a couple hours off.

    But yeah, you can definitely just wait a couple months and see what happens with the Pre 3. I had just become so upset with my day to day interactions with my phone that it came to this and I'm glad I did it. Maybe you're more patient than I am, though. =)

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