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    a while ago i lost my bookmarks and web history and new ones couldnt be made or saved. now my email has teken a crap. the phone keeps receiving emails just fine but give me an error when i sen a message. so i cant send emails anymore.

    so ive tried resetting the phone.

    i havent added any new apps or patches in a long time.

    ive also tried to remove the email info and re add it but the phone wont erase the email address completely and now i cant add it back or use it at all cause the phone says its still there.

    anybody got any other ideas

    ALSO if i use doctor to fix the phone am i gonna loose all my apps and will i be able to re add the ones i paid for
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    You will not lose any paid apps. That info is saved in your Palm Profile. It may be necessary to re-download them, I've had to do it in the past, it's a minor inconvenience but aside from that not too much trouble. It probably will tell you the price in the catalog, once you click on it it will download again for free.

    All a doctor really does is reset the phone back to stock/factory settings, just make sure to read all the documentation and follow all the steps outlined. If you have a problem with the "Next" button appearing (once you hook your phone up), then follow the thread "How to Put Your Phone Into Recovery Mode" or something to that effect. Good luck, it's not as hard as it sounds.

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