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    My phone is freaking out! I have it on the touchstone here at work and out of the corner of my eye I can see it getting imaginary "taps" and "slides" from a non existent finger. I try to close things, and a moment later I see the wave come up, emails being opened, the launcher tray popping up out of nowhere. Oh god, now it's trying to send an email reply. ***??

    It is really freaking me out! I even turned it off, let it cool down (it was admittedly a bit warm from charging, but nowhere near overheating), did a full restart and left it sitting off the charger. IT TURNS ITSELF BACK ON!!!

    This is not only comically bad and ridiculous to look at, but I can't even use my phone now.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a cure?

    I want to get a video of the Pre freaking out, but my only camera at the moment is on the Pre (I'm at work). If I have a chance to capture this on video I'll repost here.
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    the phone will always turn itself on if charging. Have you recently dropped it in water or gotten it wet/moist at all?
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    No, that's not what I meant with regard to charging. Yes it turns on and beeps, notification goes away, then I manually hit the power button to turn off the screen and let it charge. It will wake itself up!

    But while on the touchstone, the screen never really turns off, so I can see how this is what you may have thought I was talking about. I actually took the touchstone cord out of the back of the puck and inserted directly into the Pre to see if the touchstone was causing the issue. But no matter what I try: on touchstone charger; non-touchstone charging; NO charging and screen on; screen off (it woke up in my pocket and started playing Stitcher podcast app, wtfffuuuu...).

    No, I have not done anything to my phone out of the ordinary. Occasional small drops but the phone has never exhibited odd behavior after a drop. It kept on tickin. My phone is effin' possessed. OR, the touch sensor is completely out of whack is another plausible explanation. How do I fix this?? Full restarts don't do anything.
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    Did you ever get an answer? My pre+ started this slowly about two weeks ago and is as you stated just about unusable.
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    mine was doin the same thing too. I doctored it to 1.4.5 fresh again through HPs website and it worked.

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