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    Quote Originally Posted by Quintus View Post
    Same problem here. Cannot download apps or updates unless I connect via WiFi.

    Bell Mobility Network - webOS 1.4.5
    Try the two numbers above and/or the palm chat link. The more that call the faster it will get fixed, if ever?
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    Feel free to contact Palm if you so desire so that you know your voice is heard as another user experiencing this issue, however I do want to state that whether people call or not we are working on the issue. We are fully aware of the impact this is having (every single bell mo customer with a webOS device) and are partnering with Bell fully to identify root cause and work on a solution.

    In the meantime the only workaround that is available is to download applications over a wireless network as it will continuously fail over the carrier network.

    I'll attempt to update this thread once more information becomes available.
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    Great to hear that you guys are on it. Especially nice to see you guys monitoring and keeping this forum up-to-date. For me, you are 9/10ths of the way there. I can use the WiFi workaround for a while longer knowing that you are working on a fix.
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    Just to let you guys know that I have the same issue. I have been talking with both Bell technical team and Palm technical team.

    The issue has been escalated to Palm engineers and they are looking into fixing this ASAP.

    I doubt they have a lot of ressources working on this issue since the Palm Pre is basically dead... (sad thing)
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    Same here cannot download apps or updates via WI_FI 2.1.0 and even when i had 1.4.5
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    I have the same problem, today wen i went into a pub to connect my pre to the net using WiFi i could not download or install apps on the app catalog. WebOS 1.4.5. Palm Pre o2 Unlocked
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    I cannot download apps or updates via WI_FI or GSM network 2.1.0 or even 1.4.5.

    Moreover device can not certificate gmail!
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    Sorted: Date issue. =)
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