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    Found an article saying the Treo's and Pre's are among the ugliest smartphones made.


    I totally disagree but thought I would share...
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    Wow, I didn't realize the Pre3 was released in February of 2011
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    I think you should remove the link, since the author is just using sensationalism to drive traffic to his site. Why help him?

    Everyone who spends 5 minutes knows no new phones are out yet from HP. Xperia play is not even released yet and Treo looks like every successful BB phone. This is just a way for the author to drive traffic towards his site. I despise people like that.
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    I hear ya but I read that and thought...wait, I like those Palm designs and I can't be the only one right?
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    They're clearly not trying. Now this was an ugly phone.

    PDAStreet: News: Sierra Wireless Enters Smartphone Market
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    HP Pre3
    The Palm legacy of nastiness continues on even after the company has become a limb of Hewlett-Packard (NASDAQ: HPQ). The HP Pre3, successor to the Palm Pre 2, looks to trade on the minimalism of the iPhone but looks instead like a rotten egg. The Web OS 2.2 platform is at least more attractive and usable than the old Windows Mobile OS in the Treo. Oh yeah, and there’s a tiny keyboard to slide out if you want to make the thing even more uncomfortable to hold and to look at. Worst of all? It was just released in February of 2011 so we’ll have to suffer through this failure for quite a while.
    WHAAAA??? LOL I think the Pre is one of the most sleek, sweet looking phones out there. Could be a touch bigger, but still. This article is absurd..
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    I'm sorry, but,
    P|C isn't going to be a part in perpetuating junk articles.

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