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    How can I add gadgets or application shortcuts on my home page of Palm pre plus. I don want to everytime go to launcher menu and select from big list for frequntly accessed applications.Also even launch bar supports only 5 applications.
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    Only solution for this that I know if is to buy an android phone.

    On the other hand, you can make due with the launcher by:

    NO HOMEBREW: arranging your most popular apps in one launcher window and moving everything else into different one.

    WITH HOMEBREW: Do the above, but also apply a patch that brings up the same launcher window first everytime.

    I vaguely recall a "favorite apps" type app that allows you to configure a bunch of your favorite apps. Then you could put that in the app launcher bar and it could show you your faves and launch them from there.

    But if you're looking for the android feature, you might consider getting an android phone.
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    Hey thanks for your reply.
    You mentioned "favorite apps" right, I am looking for something like it. Is it a homebre/precentral app. Can you recall..
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    Check out "Active Card 2". It's an app, but you can configure it to have shortcuts and widgets on a home screen. Or, you could just buy an Android phone.
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    I just got a palm pre(one week back). Cant switch too quickly to android :-(
    From appcatalog, When I select 'Active card', it says that the app is not available in your country(india).. Any other alternate app.. or alternate way to download it?
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    you could also just type the first few letters of the app name on your pre and the icon for the app/function you want will pop up on the screen and then tap it to launch. No need to go flipping through launcher pages, "universal search" feature(or "just type" if you have 2.x) makes everything just a few buttons away.
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    Download multiple app launcher from App Catalog and choose your favorite apps to launch @once. Put in the app launcher bar then you are one tap from your favorite apps...

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